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Vihangam Yoga- A way to Enlightenment & Ultimate Realization to God


Our History




His Holiness Anant Shri Sadguru Sadafal Devji Maharaj’s life:-


 Sant Kabir who appeared about 600 years back, has proclaimed that after the passing of 5025 years of Kali-Yuga, a true spiritual discipline will be established and he will himself come as Sadafal Dev for the salvation of both Hindus and Muslims.  Swamiji came for this purpose and lived up to it. He was born in a Kshatriya family of Sengar Rajputs in the year 1888 A.D. His father Rajarshi Hanuman Singh and Mother Maharani Mukti Devi, were both sincere devotees of God and lived in the village Pakari in the district of Ballia in Uttar Pradesh(U.P.) India.

This dynasty of Kshatriyas owes its origin to Sringi Rishi who performed the Yagna of Raja Dasharath and as a result of which Rama was born to him. This Sringi Rishi was then married with Shanta, daughter of Raja Dasharath. In this dynasty, there was one Sri Lalji Ray who was a renowned yogi of his time and even today people gather at his Samadhi for paying homage to him. This family has produced a galaxy of saints such as Abhiram Baba, Jungali Baba, Bulaki Das, and Nath Baba etc.

Sri Sadafal Devji was drawn towards spiritual practices from his early childhood. When he grew up as a young man, he dug up a Guha (a cave underground) and started sitting in a state of Samadhi. He then moved to the Himalayas and found a cave, where he started doing his spiritual practices. This place is named as Shunya Shikhar Ashram and even today some disciples venture to visit this pious cave. He spent seventeen years of his young age and as a result of his Sadhna (spiritual practice). Eternal Sadguru Sri Sukrit Dev appeared before him in the year 1936 A.D. and bestowed upon him the power of Jagat-Guru. Since then Swamijee started preaching the Vihangam Yoga through out India and soon he had followers all over the country.


From his early age Swamiji had been visualising a free India and he was educating people about it. In the year 1920 he delivered a fiery speech at the Dinapur cantonment and as a result he was arrested and put behind the bar on 26thDecember, 1920. He was freed from rigorous imprisonment on the 12th October, 1922. His prayer to God for the freedom of India is famous and all his disciples including in the Jail repeated it regularly till India became a free nation. This was an Adhyatmic Prayog (spiritual effort) towards the attainment of her liberty. He wrote as many as thirty-five books of which the “Swarveda” in Hindi poetry is unique and unparallel in spiritual literature. It is a guide book to all practitioners of Vihangam Yoga. Other important books of Swamiji are Vigyan Darshan, Vishwa Rajya Vidhan, where he has depicted a new world government, Shabda Prakash, Yoga Chandrika etc. though educated formally up to the 3rd standard only. Swamiji could write so many good books and a very good explanation on all the four Vedas. He used to say that whatever he had experienced and seen within himself during Samadhi (Deep Trance), he had reproduced them in form of  books and talks.


Swamiji never approved miraculous show by Yogis. He used to say that for doing such action, a Yogi has to descend from his true habitation to the Mundane physical level and perform such function through the light of consciousness. Whenever any disciple urged for any relief or miraculous Yogic power demonstration, Swamiji never agreed upon, however, their grief was taken away by his Blessings. There are thousands of such actions, which have been published in the book named “Sadguru Devya Charitavali”.


Swamiji named his society as Sant Samaj on the name of his Eternal Guru, who had been referred to as “Sant” in Vedic literatures. As per his Eternal Guru’s advice, Swamiji designed a flag for the society, which is rectangular in shape, white in colour with a symbol in red colour. Swamiji further proclaimed that - This white flag with the mark on it, would certainly fly one day all over the world as per his Guru’s  instruction.

 When Swamiji decided to leave his physical body, he requested his only son, Sri Dharam Chandra Devji, to accept the Acharyaship of the Vihangam Sant Samaj, to which he was most reluctant. At that stage Swamiji told him that he had been brought to the earth only for this purpose and he must accept this assignment at least for a period of fifteen years, after which another Acharya, who had been deputed for this work (hinting at the present Acharya, who was seven years old at that time) would take over. He further told him that he is transfusing the entire knowledge and power of Sadguru to him through his special power, though he may not realise immediately but within three years, he would clearly visualise everything. Swamiji further advised him to translate “Swarved” in Hindi in his life time, (for which he gave specific notes and explanations of its contents) and wished to get it published positively.

 Here it would not be out of context to mention that there are four types of Sadguru. The first is the Eternal and Immortal Sadguru Sri Sukrit Deva himself. The second type of Gurus is those liberated souls, who are assigned a duty to perform some specific function on Earth on the errand of the Eternal Guru or God are called “Swayam Sidha Sadguru”. Rishi Basistha was one such Guru. The third type of Gurus are those, who through their Sadhna earn the grace of Sri Sukrit Deva and are conferred the knowledge and authority of Sadguru and are called “Abhyas Sidh Sadguru”. This type of Guru was Swami Sadafal Devji Maharaj, himself. The last type of Gurus are those, who are bestowed the knowledge, power and authority by any Sadguru with the sanction of Eternal Guru, are called “Parampara Sadguru”. This is handed over as a traditional heritage and Swamiji followed the same tradition in handing over the reins of Sant Samaj to Sri Dharam Chandra Devji.


 On the occasion of Maha Kumbh festival at Prayag (Allahabad) in 1954, Swamiji sat in Yog Mudra and then departed from his physical body. After leaving his body he kept giving instructions from the sky for about fifteen minutes, which thousands of his devotees and other people could hear his resounding voice through the sky. This was exactly in the same way as Sri Kabir Saheb had done some five hundred years ago.


 From the year 1954-1969, Acharya Sri Dharam Chandra Devjee Maharaj propagated this Yoga within the country. He was a profound scholar of Vedic literature. He published many books written by Swamiji and wrote exhaustive commentary on “Swerved” giving stanza wise meaning of it’s versus. This is a marvellous commentary, which can only be verified by giving a reading of it. He wrote two books on Swamiji named “Divya Jiwan Katha” and “Sadguru Divya Charitavali”. Acharya Devji Maharaj was born on Maha Shivaratri festival day in the year 1919. He finished the mission of his life very early, and took Samadhi at the age of 51 only in the year 1969, after transferring all his spiritual power to his devoted son, Sri Swatantra Devji and declared him “Dwitiya Parampara Sadguru”. Since then the present Acharya Sri Swatantra DevJi Maharaj is continuing as Sadguru of this Sant Samaj.


 Born on Independence Day of India i.e. on the 15th August 1947, the day of fruition of Swamiji’s desire, he was named by him Swatantra Dev. The present Acharya is bearing the torch light of Vihangam Yoga, which was lit by Swamiji and enflamed by Acharya Dharam Chandra Devji Maharaj. While Sri Swatantra Devji was a child, Swamiji used to tell people around him that this boy had come for fulfilling his mission. He had said to Acharya Dharam Chandra Devji that in the third generation this knowledge of Vihangam Yoga would be propagated throughout the world under the flag of Sant Samaj by this Sadguru of Independent India. He had also requested him to send Sri Swatantra Devji to Sanskrit schools so that he could express himself through the Sanskrit medium.


 Always calm, composed and looking somewhere within himself, the present Acharya, who is an erudite scholar of Sanskrit language, immediately influences by his magnetic personality. Those, who go near him, soon feel a divine aura emanating from his eyes. By having seen the light of the day on the day of Independence of India, the present Acharya had fulfilled the first desire of Swamiji. As for his second desire, namely the propagation of this Yoga within the four corners of the world, all those who are witness to the resurgence of a spiritual wave in the country will testify to it during this short period of nine years of his Acharyaship. Thousands of people all over the country have been benefited by his grace.         

 Acharyaji is to undertake shortly an extensive tour of many parts of the world to show the light of the divinity through Vihangam Yoga to waylaid and forlorn people of the world. It is also to the credit of the present Acharya that the unique and unparallel commentary on Swerved written by the first Acharya has been published. After taking initiation from him and practicing for a very short period, a Sadhak starts seeing many hidden things within him, the way our Rishis use to see:

 Rishis were the seers of Mantras - All the Mantras which are mentioned in the scriptures can be seen by this method of Vihangam Yoga.

 The brave saints always see through their divine eye, the location where all pervading God is situated as a bright sun.  (Rig Veda)

 The God who has been described as a man (Purusha) with thousand heads, thousand eyes and thousand legs, enveloping the body from all sides and is situated as a distance of ten fingers.     (Yajurveda)


I know that Purusha, who is shining like a sun and is far away from darkness. By knowing him alone, one conquers death and there is one and only one way for it.  (Yajurveda 31/18)


The God, who has a name (Sar-shabd) and infinite glory, cannot be represented by any image. (Yajurveda)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

When the Vedas say that there is only one way to know Him, how is it that thousands of methods have sprung up? When the true method of realisation was lost after Mahabharata war in India, people started searching Him at the mental and intellectual levels and as a result, thousands of ways have been formulated, and that is why the present chaotic situation exists in all the religious institutions of the world.


Those, who know Brahman (God), speak of two types of learning, one the Apara Vidya and the other the Para Vidya. The Apara Vidya covers the four Vedas, namely Rigveda, Yajurved, SamVed, AtharvVeda, the teachings of Siksha, Kalpa, Vyakaranam, Niruktam, Chhandah and Jyotisha & Upnishads.

 Para Vidya is the true concept of the real universal science of consciousness by which the “Supreme Being” is realised.

 That Vidya, by which Akshar Brahman is seen, is Vihangam Yoga, which can be learned at the feet of Sadguru Acharya Sri Swatantra Devji Maharaj.

 Atman and Parmatman are not the subject of imagination, rather  they are to be experienced. You need to get insight of divine-eye, through which they can be seen.

 That Brahman cannot be viewed through our physical eyes, not heard through the ears. He cannot be perceived through other sense organs, nor by penance or by rituals too. It is only through the grace of Sadguru, Brahman can be experienced & seen.

 The secret knowledge, by which Brahman can be seen, is available, under the sanction of the Eternal Guru, with the present Acharya as a traditional heritage. The same Yoga was taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna and there is a clear cut mention in the Geeta that this Yoga remains in tradition.

 Lord Krishna mentioned in Bhagvad Geeta, “This knowledge was imparted by me to Sun God, Sun God conveyed it to His son Manu, and Manu passed on to his son Ikshwaku”. Thus handed down from father to son, this Yoga remained known to Rajarshis (Royal Sages) and by great efflux of time it has disappeared. This very Yoga has been taught to you by me, proclaimed Lord Krishna.

 Each person experiences through his sense organs, and he is not aware of any internal experience within himself. He finds himself in a state of continuous tension and is unsatisfied and unbalanced due to excessive sensual enjoyments. He is seeking peace of mind through his sense organs but sometimes get more agitated and desperate. There is no perpetual peace anywhere; cruelty and violence are increasing day by day. As a result, there is mutual distrust, dissension and despair with its climax in the effluent society of the world, where all the physical facilities are available.

 Of late more people are inclined towards religion and are sincerely performing their religious rituals with a view of achieving peace of mind. The present civilisation and culture depends on sensualism and advertisement. The deluded people, along with some genuine seekers, not knowing the true method, are flocking around so called Self styled Sadguru/Gods, who of late have a mushroom growth and are capable of showing magic (deluding tricks) based on scholastic knowledge. All their practices are at the physical level of the body, mind & Intellect and hence Seekers are not getting internal peace, they need most. This civilisation and culture, which has the senses based for its practice and propaganda is bound to disintegrate with the dawn of true method of internal experience and Realisation. This need is being fulfilled by Vihangam Yoga, where everything is done through the light of consciousness at the conscious level of Chidakash.

 All the properties, knowledge, behaviour and functions of this level of Vihangam Yoga are also conscious. That ever blissful Brahman is conscious, which is base and origin of Sar-shabd.  (Swerved)


The conscious soul (at the level of Chidakash) hears everything without ears, moves without legs, performs various actions, without arms, enjoys every taste without mouth and is a great Yogi who speaks without voice.

                                                                                                                      (Ram Charita Manas)

 Let the sincere and unbiased seekers of true knowledge and Realisation come to this saint, Sadguru Acharya Sri Swatantra Dev Jee Maharaj, earn his grace and learn the secret method of Vihangam Yoga. This method is the easiest of the easy and can be practiced by people of every age, gender, cast, creed, and of any religious faith. Even a daily practice of 10-15 minutes leads to immediate internal experience and realisation.

 This flow of knowledge of Atman-Vidya is from that all-pervading Brahman which is fountain head of all the knowledge’s. Its propagation cannot be checked by any power howsoever strong it may be.


 This is the proclamation of the Eternal, Immortal Guru of the creation who is no less than God.

 May lord Sri Sukrit Deva, Swami Sri Sadafalal Devji, Acharya Sri Dharam Chandra Devji and the present Acharya and my Guru Parampara Sadguru Sri Swatantra Devji Maharaj inspire and guide those sincere seekers of knowledge, who happen to read this article, think, introspect dispassionately and learn this immortal and everlasting method of Vihangam Yoga for true Realisation and Jivan Mukti (Salvation).