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Vihangam Yoga


Vihangam Yoga a way to enlightenment and ultimate realization to God...


Mission:Enlighten your Soul, attain Almighty with wonder of Vihangam Yoga practice of minimum 10 minutes each Morning, evening & enjoy eternal Peace & Bliss.

We are based in Australia and we want to spread Sadafaldevji Maharaj's message to this part of the world and to extend the whole world thorough this medium of Internet.

We would like you to join our mailing list and exchange ideas on the Vihangm Yoga and its practicality and its internalisation in your daily life.








Sadafaldevji Maharaj

Social unrest, political tension, terrorism and other forms of crimes are the results of restlessness of the wandering mind. So long the mind is free to wander, it generates stress and strains and takes away Peace & Happiness which is our prime necessity. To achieve this, Vihangam Yoga comes to rescue. Vihangam Yoga is unique in character starts with Mind-control, contributes all round development of personality. Physically, It makes disease-free, mentally Tension-free, intellectually brilliant, and spiritually strong. For practicing this Yoga, you are not at all required to leave your job, put on any saffron attire or assume any saintly guise, not to leave home and go to Jungle. Devote at least 10 mts. at home, early morning and evening. Peace & Happiness would knock your door. You need to learn how to practice this Yoga.



It is Religion-Free.

Has no particular religion, meant for all Human beings of any Faith, Age, Sex or Nationality.

It is Region-Free.

Enjoys global recognition. Devotees from Germany/Rome/U.K./Canada U.S.A./Japan/Singapore & Australia are well- rooted besides Home-Country India as well as Nepal & Sri Lanka.














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Updated on:25-3-2007

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