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Meditation (yoga) is the method of quietening and training the restless mind so that it dos not dissipate the energy it derives from the soul, for sensual pleasures. The soul then feels free to move towards its original home near God.


Yoga, which literally means union of soul to the supreme soul, can achieve its goal only if the soul is not anchored to the world by the pleasure seeking mind and other organ of the body. This detachment is the first step of yoga.


The mind is the chain, which binds the soul to the phenomenal world, and so it has to be located and fixed at different points so that it may be tamed just as a wild animal is tamed before training to obey commands. The mind goes to the objects, we see with our eyes most of the time. Only about twenty percent of the time it goes to the objects of other sense organs like hearing, touch, taste or smell.  Thus if we fix our gaze at a particular point in our body the mind can be trained to be stationary at that point.


The world today made the life so mechanical and fast that it is hard to find peace.  Over and above, there are so many ways and means of worship in vouge that one is lost to understand and follow the correct path.


Human being is the highest in creation because of the faculty of discrimination and memory which distinguishes him from other leaving creatures.  Human beings can look at nature objectively and think of controlling it.  It is well known fact now that genes of the living beings are similar to one another showing their common source.  This brings us very near the yogic conception of innumerable souls inhabiting different bodies, which are responsible for the activities displayed by different beings.  Soul is energy source of all activities in leaving creatures.  The rest of the physical or mental structure is inert in them.  The mind derives its energy from the soul and appears as the source of all activities.  In sleep the mind becomes inactive but the body keeps on functioning. 


The activities of the body are regulated by the eight yogic centres in the body located from the bottom of the trunk to the top of the head. They are not located exactly at the anatomic nerve centres as postulated by some yogis.


Therefore, the real yoga can only be achieved when the soul is released from its bondage with the mind, which attaches it to the world.  The process by which it can be achieved is called “Brahma Vidya or Vihangam yoga”.  Other types of yoga play an initial role, which just helps in the preparation of the body and mind to enable the soul to realize its true nature.  It is only after Self-Realisation that the soul can move towards God-Realization or Union with the supreme soul.


The sole aim of life these days is to earn more wealth, prestige, and power etc.  The result is that we are physically, mentally and socially sick.  Unless the individuals in society tread the path of truth and righteousness, there is going to be increasing unrest in society and increasing unhappiness.  Unless the individual improve, social laws cannot provide the required peace and security in the world.  A sure way is to learn and teach the yogic way of living to individuals and groups in society so that we may live at peace with ourselves and with others who are also individual souls living in human forms.


Swami Sadafal Devji, after 17 yrs of intense yogic Sadhna/Samadhi in the Himalayas has developed a technique of Meditation which is easy to learn and easy to practice, devoting minim.10 minutes each day morning & evening, as a best solution for achieving Eternal Peace & Happiness i.e. Parmananda.


“Vihangam Yoga Sydney Sant Samaj” is offering TRAINING absolutely free of cost for all human beings irrespective of their cast, creed, religion, sex & Nationality.


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