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Modern Science has developed tremendously to the extent man has travelled to “Moon” and is trying to enter “Mangal Loka” etc. It has brought the world  within a fist of 5 fingers through Mobile phones and other sources of communication. Scientific researches are revealing the mysteries of nature and thus making the life pleasant and comfortable. Billions of Dollars are being spent on Research & Development of Super Computer & other equipment of comfort.

 In spite of wonderful researches, do you find Peace & Happiness in the world? No Not All. More attempts are being made, more it is getting complicated. It so appears, no chance of improvement. Whatever Peace & Happiness we get is of transient nature.


Alas! It could not reveal the “Al Mighty God” and its attributes. No answer available to the questions-“Who is the Creator of the world and how He sustains and maintains the life force using “Pran Vayu”? Scientists say “It is the subject of Yogis”


Yes it is the subject of “Spiritual Science” well-known to Enlightened Yogis. They have ability to answer all questions of the World and Beyond, known as “Brahm Loka”


Who possessed this knowledge? Is it possible for common mass to procure this knowledge?


As per our ancient Scriptures i.e. Vedas & Upanishad our ancient Rishis & Saints had discovered and practiced this “Gyana” after years and years of Sadhna in dense forests. This is known as “Brahm Vidya” presently known as “Vihangam Yoga”.(Vedas contain 20% of Brahm Vidya Gyana)  After 17 yrs of tough Sadhna & Samadhi in Himalaya territory (Now Uttaranchal Pradesh) Swami Sadafal Devji Maharaj was declared SADGURU by Eternal Sadguru himself. He gave us a simple procedure through which a common man can practice this Yoga through Sadhna & Samadhi. This is a wonderful gift to the entire humanity.


What is “Vihangam Yoga”?

It is a spiritual Science which teaches “How to unite Soul wih Parmatma” to get Salvation? i.e. It is a Science of God-Realization.  


Do we have to go to the forest, deserting home and family members to practice this Yoga”?


No, not all You have to do Sadhna at home regularly devoting min.10 minutes in the early morning & in the evening each day, sitting at home. It is not mandatory to take bath, change dress before going for Sadhna. You can carry out normal routine as usual.


What is Sadhna? What is expected to achieve?

Sadhna is a brief Meditation. Initially Mind control is done by meditating at a given point of the body according to the teachings of the true Spiritual Master i.e. Sadguru.


Soul’s energy is scattered in Vishay/Vashna through Mind and in turn through organs of perception & organs of actions. This energy is to be recoiled back to Soul for purification and then to be diverted back to Parmatma for reunion to enjoy Eternal Peace & Bliss. Unfortunately, we are limited up to pujan of Devas, who too wants you to develop upto Sadhna/Samadhi level to attain “Jivan Mukti” i.e. freedom from Birth & Death and get reunited with Supreme Power i.e. God, for Eternal Peace and Bliss. It is experience-oriented Yoga, you have to experience yourself and not to be dependant on others’. You can continue your existing activities while practicing this Yoga.


Is any book written by Swamiji available in Australia?


Yes. His main book written in simple poetic style in Hindi is known as “Swar Veda” which contains what He saw during Samadhi through his divine eyes i.e. His personal experiences. It has been translated into English too. He has written 35 books in his life-time (1888-1954) although his formal education was up to 3rd Standard. He translated Vedas and Upanishad in Hindi using through the vision of Divine Eyes.  All books are available here with “Vihangam Yoga Sant Samaj, Sydney”


Who is present Sadguru? Is he spreading this knowledge of Vihangam Yoga in India & Abroad?


Sadguru Swatantra Devji Maharaj is his 2nd generation descendant. He has been propagating this Yoga in the length and breadth of India as well as abroad. Vihangam Yoga established itself first in U.K. then Melbourne, Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany. Wide spread awakening is in Sydney since last 1½ yrs amongst Indian, Fijian, Bangla-Muslim, Srilankan-Budhist as well as dynamic Christians.


Who is eligible to pick up this Knowledge? How costly is the Training?


All are welcome. Man, Woman, Aged persons, Kids above 9 yrs. No bar for people of any faith & Nationality. Training is FREE.


For taking this knowledge/Initiation and further details, pl. call Vihangam Yoga Sant Samaj, Sydney.