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1.      What is Yoga?

The union of the SOUL (Atma) with GOD (Parmatama) is known as Yoga. It is derived from the Hindi word ‘Yog’ which means union.


2.      What are the Physical and Mental benefits of following Vihangam yoga?

Though  the benefit of practicing Vihangam Yoga extends much beyond physical and mental limits , we can outline some of them :-



Ø                  Slows down Heart beat – Our life span is indirectly proportional to the number of heart beats.  Lesser the number of Heart beats, increased is the life span.

Ø                  Improves eye sight

Ø                  Controls Diabetes



Ø                  Improves concentration

Ø                  Reduces mental tension – In this era of cut-throat competition, when mental peace and relaxation has become a distant dream, the only panacea seems to be Yoga. It reduces the stress level and brings in mental peace and calmness.

Ø                  Increases Memory Power substantially

Ø                  Taps some of the unleashed potential to increase will power and the power of determination.


3.      How is Vihangam Yoga different from other yoga?

Various good Yogic practices popular in the world teach us how we can live our life better. Some of the great organizations also teach us about some of the spiritual benefits. But all of them have a limitation; they are performed from the plane of the mind, the intellect or the body. Vedas reveal that the faculty of sharing as well the mind and the intellect returns back without reaching to the place where the Supreme Being resides.


The preparation of Vihangam yoga also starts from the plane of the mind, the intellect and the body as its first three stages out of five. In the last two stages, we practice the Brahmavidya Vihangam Yoga from the plane of our consciousness i.e. soul. Nobody in entire universe but the Sadguru himself can preach and take one through this science of consciousness. It comes only under the purview of the spiritual master Sadguru that he can take us through these last two stages to get liberated. Vedas support the same by saying nanyah pantha vipanaya (no other path is known that can make us tread through).


4.      What is SOUL?

SOUL is one of the six fundamental ever-lasting entities that neither gets created nor destroyed. As the sun makes the moon shine, so does the soul bestow life to the living beings. It is the soul that offers prayers to the Supreme Lord. Today when we don’t realize that we are actually souls, it does not make sense even to talk about the prayer, the devotion or the bhakti. Therefore, any good teacher or yogic practice should first teach us how we can reveal ourselves i.e. our soul; how can we first achieve self realization (Atma Sakshatkara). This point to the next logical question, “What makes us not realize ourselves? Who has bound us in its shackles? ” Seek the shelter of able Sadguru who will quench your these spiritual thirsts!    


5.      How many types of Gurus are there?

There are 3 types of Gurus

Ø                  Worldly Gurus – Our school teachers, lecturers etc.

Ø                  Vedic Gurus – People who possess knowledge in Vedas

Ø                  Spiritual Guru – The one who is the origin of the complete knowledge. He is the one and only one who can liberate the souls (Salvation).He can preach and shower the knowledge of the Brahmavidya (the highest knowledge that human can possess). He is also known as the SADGURU.


6.      Who is SADGURU?

A person who can wipe the darkness & show us the path of Enlightment (Mukti) is known as SADGURU.


7.      How many types of SADGURU are there?

There are 4 types of Sadguru

Ø                  Eternal Sadguru – He is also known as SUKRUTDEV. He is the Supreme master and Preacher of Brahmavidya. When his energy flows into a human body, that person becomes the SADGURU.

Ø                  Swayam Siddha Sadguru – When a liberated Soul takes a body at its own will, they are known as Swayam Siddha Sadguru.

Ø                  Abhyas Siddha Sadguru – They get Sadguru Posting by practice of meditation.

Ø                  Parampara Siddha Sadguru – When the knowledge of Sadguru passes to another generation, they become Parampara Siddha Sadguru.


8.      Why the name Vihangam Yoga?

Vihangam means bird. Just as a bird leaves its base on the earth to fly high in the sky, so does Vihangam Yoga enable the human soul (Atma) to cut off its moorings in the phenomenal world (Prakriti) and realize its true and free nature. It is also known as Brahmavidya, Paravidya, Madhuvidya, and Sahaj Yoga etc.


9.      Is Vihangam Yoga a new technique?

Brahmavidya or Vihangam Yoga is the root of all Yoga practices. This is the technique of meditation that was prevalent during Vedic Period. This is the oldest meditation technique that disappeared after Mahabharata Period. This technique has been brought back to the world by the spiritual master Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj and is being preached to everybody, irrespective of caste, creed and sex under the able guidance of present Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj.


10.  Who is the Present Sadguru?

After the strenuous practice of 17 long years, Sri Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj was honored as the Abhyas Siddha Sadguru. He started preaching this knowledge from 1924 AD and before discarding his mortal frame, he passed this knowledge to his able son and disciple Sri. Dharmachandradeo Ji Maharaj to honor him as the First Parampara Siddha Sadguru.   Sri. Dharmachandradeo Ji Maharaj preached this rare technique of Brahma Vidya Vihangam Yoga for 15 years to discard his body in 1969 AD . Thereafter, his able son and disciple Sri. Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj was honored as the Second Parampara Sadguru at the mere age of 22. He is the present Sadguru and third heritage of Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj, who has been spreading this great and rare knowledge throughout the world since then. Sri Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj has already announced that Vihangam Yoga will spread throughout the world in his third heritage. It is only a matter of time that the world will witness the spiritual powers of the spiritual master.    


11. How a person becomes SADGURU?

A person does not become Sadguru by reading holy books or mastering scriptures. When Eternal Sadguru’s energy flows into a soul, then and ONLY then somebody is honored as the highest spiritual authority in the world - the Sadguru.


13. For how many years did Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj practiced meditation?

Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj practiced meditation for 17 years before he became Sadguru.


14. Any preparation is needed to know Vihangam Yoga?

No. The technique of learning and practicing Vihangam Yoga is simple. It does not need any prior preparation.


15. Does the practice of Vihangam Yoga vary from people to people?

Vihangam Yoga is divided into 5 stages. According to the person’s deeds (Karmas & Sanskaras), the person may be initiated into any stage.

16. How to find the right Sadguru?

Sadguru is the only person who tells the existence of Mind (Mann) in our body (Mind is the closest word in English) and the technique to control it. By practicing Vihangam Yoga, the Mind comes under complete control.


17. What is the meaning of Guru and Sadguru?

The word Guru can be split into Gu & Ru. Gu means darkness and Ru means wipe out. A person who wipes the darkness and shows us the path of light is known as Guru. In olden days, only one person at a time had the title of Guru. Since its usage has become common presently, the word Sadguru came to existence. Sadguru means the head of all Guru’s. He can create many Guru’s.


19. Does Vihangam Yoga belong to a particular caste or creed?

No. Vihangam Yoga can be practiced by anybody.


20. Can this technique be discussed with other people?

The process of practicing meditation should not be discussed with other people. There are few Instructors (Updeshtas) who are authorized to initiate a person into Vihangam Yoga. The person interested to learn the technique of Vihangam Yoga should approach such a person and learn the technique.


21.  How can we serve the Sadguru?

Sadguru can be served by following ways,

Ø                  Physical service - By serving Sadguru physically.

Ø                  Mental service   - Serving though mind. A person can serve Sadguru mentally by practicing meditation and discussing the benefits of practicing meditation.

This is the highest form of service to Sadguru. Guiding a soul to the path of light is the highest service a person can offer to Sadguru.

Ø                  Monetary Service- A person can serve Sadguru by donating money which is in turn used for holy cause of spreading this knowledge.


22. Who is Paramatma or Parabrahma?

The Eternal or Supreme God is known as Parabrahma or Paramatma. He is known with many names like Allah, Jehovah in other religions. He exists in the same form as our soul exists. Our soul has limited powers. Supreme soul has unlimited powers. He is also the source of infinite happiness or bliss. The soul does not posses this quality.


23. Is Vihangam Yoga meant for old people?

Anybody above the age of 8 years can practice the Vihangam Yoga. It is recommended to start the practice the earliest possible.


24. How Vihangam Yoga helps in personal life and family life?

A person becomes more efficient by the practice of Vihangam Yoga. He gets better control over his mind and thus it helps in managing his personal, family as well as his professional life. 


25. What happens to the soul after a person dies?

A soul in human form can choose to perform any action. On the basis of the actions performed during his / her life time, one is awarded various forms of life (out of the imagined 8.4 million forms) where one is bound to bear fruits. It is a helpless state. After he completes the bearing of fruits by passing through the vicious cycle of the life and death, he is again awarded the human body. One can decide to perform deeds towards achieving the Supreme Lord under the able guidance of the true Sadguru or he again is thrown to the same vicious cycle.



26. What are the qualities of Paramatma?

The Qualities of Paramatma are Infinite bliss, Infinite happiness and Infinite power. He is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. His form is always stable. He is independent of time. There was no time when he was not present and there will be no time when he will not be present. He is responsible for the birth and death of this Infinite Universe. He is infinite in existence. Nobody can estimate his limits. This entire universe stands in one-forth part of him; the rest three-forth comprising of absolute nectar.


27. What are the constraints /sacrifices in the practice of Vihangam Yoga?

There are no constraints /sacrifices in the practice of Vihangam Yoga. As a cherry adds beauty to cake, Vihangam Yoga adds beauty to life.


28. What is the ideal environment for practicing Vihangam Yoga?

Vihangam Yoga can be practiced anywhere provided it is far from disturbances. It can be also practiced in a room.


29. Can Sadguru be worshiped?

Sadguru is the Lord-incarnate. The time, he is honored as the Supreme authority of Sadguru, he possesses the entire qualities of the Supreme Being Himself. The absolute nectar oozes from his body. That not only qualifies Him to be worshipped, but it becomes the only criteria to advance towards the ultimate aim of achieving the salvation. 


30. For how many years did Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj practice 1st stage of meditation?

Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj practiced it for 3 years.


31. What is the importance of Asana (Yogic Exercise) and Pranayam a (Breathing Regulation)?

Asanas helps to keep our body fit and Pranayam a helps to control our mind (Mann) easily. It is always advisable to do asana and Pranayama before meditation.


32. What is Aham Brahmasmi ?

Aham Brahmasmi is the feeling that I am God. This feeling is responsible for the downfall of a soul. Sadguru helps in suppressing this feeling and take our meditation further. A soul can never become God. Wise people should always ignore this feeling.


33. What kind of diet should be followed in Vihangam Yoga?

One of the primary criteria to advance in meditation is that the food taken must be vegetarian and non-toxic. If you are a non-vegetarian or you consume tobacco products or alcohol, you better get rid of them. Meditation practice of Vihangam Yoga helps get rid of the same, if you intend to.  


34. What is the meaning of OM and what is its significance?

The meaning of OM is Protector. It is also one of the pronouncing names of the God. OM is a divine word which a person experiences in the second stage of Vihangam Yoga meditation practice. The word OM is vibrating inside every human body at a place called ‘triveni’. Know the exact location and required meditation practice to realize the same from the able Sadguru.


35. What are the characteristics of Soul (Atma)?

Soul is colorless, tasteless and odorless. It cannot be burnt, it cannot become wet and it cannot be cut. It is the most subtle energy that exists in this universe. It is true by nature. But, it does not posses the quality of happiness that it always searches. The source of the absolute happiness is Supreme Soul (Paramatma). Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly it always searches the Supreme Lord who can be achieved only by practicing Brahma Vidya Vihangam Yoga Meditation Practice under the able guidance of Sadguru.



36. Why does a soul come to this mortal world?

When a soul experiences the wrong ego of Aham Brahmasmi (I am God), it detaches itself from the supreme soul and comes to this mortal world and undergoes suffering.


37. Can children practice meditation?

Yes, even children above the age of 8 years can practice meditation. Young children, who cannot understand the process of meditation, can recite Gayatri Mantra.


38. How many years does it take to cross all stages?

There is no stipulated amount of time to cross all 5 stages of meditation. The progress in meditation is governed by Sadguru. The person gets more blessings by serving the Sadguru and this act s as a catalyst to our spiritual growth.


39. Is it advisable to ask for materialistic benefits from Sadguru?

Sadguru takes complete care of the disciples who have surrendered themselves completely in His holy feet. You really don’t need to ask anything from Him. We should always pray Him for His benign blessings that frees us from the shackles and liberate us.


40. What is Salvation?

When a person dies, the soul undergoes process of birth and death cycle. Coming out of this birth and death cycle is known as Salvation (Mukti).


41. Where does the soul reside?

Soul resides in ‘Sushmana’ nerve near the heart.


42. How does a soul enter a body?

Soul enters through the tenth gate, located on top of the head. Only Yogi’s (A Person who practice meditation) can recognize this opening. Know about this secret door by seeking the shelter and serving the true Sadguru. 


43. How to recognize Sadguru?

The person, who tells where the mind is situated in the body and the technique to control it, is Sadguru. The Mind (Mann) stays at different places when a person is awake, at sleep and during dreams. Sadguru is a person who is completely aware of all the states of mind and knows the technique to control it completely.


44. How Vihangam Yogi leaves his body?

Vihangam Yogi leaves his body on his own will. The soul goes out through tenth gate. The death is a child-like act for a Vihangam Yogi and he discards his mortal frame while sitting in yogic posture. He does not need to take rebirth by the grace of Sadguru and enjoys the most coveted state of salvation.


45. What is Samadhi?

Samadhi is a state in meditation. The Vihangam Yogi experiences this state. This state is achievable when a person is alive. In this state, the person is not aware of his body and experiences the Supreme bliss of the Almighty.


46. What is Kundalini Shakti?

Kundalini Shakti is a hidden energy that is present in the base of the Spine. It gets awakened by Sadguru’s grace.


47. Does Paramatma (Supreme Soul) come to this earth?

No. The Supreme Soul does not take Incarnation or come to this earth. His messengers come to this earth in the form of Sadguru and spread the divine knowledge of BRAHMAVIDHYA.


48. What is the size of Soul (Atma)?

The size of Soul is 1/10000 part of tip of the hair and can be realized only in meditation practice under the able guidance of the Sadguru


49. What is Soul realization?

The Mind (Mann) acts as a wall between a person and his Soul. When the mind is completely subdued, Soul gets awakened and Soul realization takes place.


50. How many Sadguru exists at one time?

Only one Sadguru exists at a particular time in the entire Universe.